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"What is Royalty-Free Music?"
Royalty Free means that once you purchase a license, you will never have to pay any performance royalties when the production the music was used in is performed, provided that the type of use does not exceed any usage restrictions for the license that was purchased. 

We offer 3 convenient tiered license agreements so you only have to pay for the type of productions and uses that you intend to use the music in.  We also offer custom special-use, bulk, multi-market, blanket and exclusive licenses, upon request. -- Just contact us and ask!

"How does the service work?  Where do I start?"

We've designed PrimaryElements.com to be as easy as possible to use for producers of all levels.  Simple visit the home page, read the library title, slogans & descriptions and listen to the medley demo audio players, then click on a CD image to preview all tracks in that CD collection to verify that it contains the music you need.

Each CD page has all the details about what that CD download contains, including the number of tracks & bonus loops (if any), the title and length of each track, the total download size for the entire CD product, and the price for each of our 3 simple license options.

You can preview all tracks on the CD and download a high-quality, full-length 128kbps mp3 "spot demo" to your local system that you can use to test in your production before making a purchase decision.  These spotting demo files include the same copy-deterent "beep" as the track previews heard on the CD page.

When on a CD page, you can jump to the next CD in the series, or to the next library.

Finally, when you've found the CD that you want, simply click the "Buy Now" button next to the desired license (A, B or C) that you need to complete your order (PayPal and all major Credit Cards are accepted - no PayPal account required).

If you're not sure which lciense you need, you can always jump over to the license agreements page to read or download a PDF document, then return to your cart, which will remember your items for as long as you remain on the site. -- Contact us if you have any questions about using the service or need help making a license or music decision, or would like to custom license a single track instead of a CD (please indicate the track library/name or ID).

We will email you a download link to your CD within 24 hours of completing your order, which you can then download with your web browser.

"Who runs Primary Elements and how long have you been around?"
Primary Elements was founded by music composer/producer/editor Mark Lindsey in 1998.  We're seasoned professionals with many years of experience in the pro audio, music, film, broadcast, advertising, video game, toy, Internet, marketing and multimedia industries.

"What type of clients & customers do you service?"
We specialize in providing an effective and affordable music licensing solution for independent & pro media producers, studios, music supervisors, ad agencies, web & multimedia designers, traditional & mobile software developers, educational institutions, businesses, government agencies and amateur/enthusiast producers.

"Are you accepting new material from artists?"
We've stopped accepting and reviewing material for the time being. Stay tuned though, as we may start doing so again in the future.

"I love your CD library music, do you offer any custom music services?"
Why yes... yes we do! ;)  Mark Lindsey and our Pe Artists offer professional music scoring & production, music editing, music mixing (including mash-ups and creative re-mixes), music mastering (including CD mastering), and music file format conversions for web audio and other media.

If we can't provide the desired services directly, we'll help negotiate a great deal between you and our contracting Pe Artist. -- Visit our Music Services page for more information and then contact us to request an estimate on your next project!

"Do you guys offer any other services besides Royalty-Free Music through Primary Elements?"
We do!  We also operate a service that provides Web Audio Marketing Players & Pro Audio Editing Services (including web audio & podcast editing), and a service that provides Custom WordPress Web Design & Hosting Solutions for Entertainment & Small Business.  Check out our banners:

TalkingSpeaker.com - Web Audio Marketing Players & Pro Audio Services

California Custom WordPress Web Design & Hosting Solutions

More Answers Coming Soon!

Contact us if you have any other questions or would like some help using our service.

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